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Offensive Cyber Security

Premier Strategic, Operational and Tactical Services

Who We Are

Leadership and Technical Experience

Passionately created by two disabled veterans supporting special forces elements, with senior level analytic backgrounds in both the Army and Navy that span a combined 40 years. Aztech City specializes in technical cyber security with a focus on offensive measures. We observed a gap in how defense contractors interpret cyber requests for services specific to the protection of our fifth domain. Offensive cyber protocols, directives and services are where POTUS and the US Government are focused in an effort to keep our nation safe. Aztech City is 100% on board. digital network intelligence network security

Holistic Cyber Strategies

Strategy: To create a cyber firm and team that is based on the amazing skillset of our highly experienced military veteran employees. Utilizing tactical and operational experience gleaned from years in the middle east and supporting special forces both CONUS as well as OCONUS, Aztech City is at the forefront of offensive capabilities.

Offensive Cyber Operations

Approach: Define offensive cyber requirements from POTUS Trump, his cabinet, US government intelligence agencies and the US Military- to help identify tactical and operational measures that will thwart those intending to do imminent harm to the United States home front.

Innovative Services

DoD and IC Offensive Cyber Consulting

Aztech City has cleared personnel that have subject matter expertise in all levels of defense to include; intelligence, analysis, security, cyber (offense/defense) , and information technology with the mission of using this bench of knowledge to help the United States of America remain protected from State and Non State cyber hackers. 

Offensive Cyber Security & Information Management

As the newest battlefield, the fifth domain is the wild west for cyber hackers. Aztech City innovates through advanced technology, amazing SOF trained employees and a red hot desire to protect this country.

Offensive Cyber Intelligence Analysis & DNI

Emotional Intelligence combined with real world, combat tested analysis, leads to powerful technical DNI abilities that are based on customer demand signals. Aztech City has industry respected analysts and leaders who gained their credentials through supporting special forces elements in austere environments. 

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